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Too many! Which one?

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My eyes are starting to bleed after reading so much about so many devices. Perhaps if I simply say what I am looking for, some kind soul will give me a clue!

Currently I stream my movies (avi's, mkv's, etc.) from my PC to my PS3 via PS3 Media Server. Some of my movies have external subs. However, I am getting rid of my PC (getting a Tablet) and would like a new direct solution:

HDMI out

Allow external HDD's.

Support external subs.

Support for all file types (even MOV, as my HD Camera uses them)

Upscales to 1080 (Most of the movies in my collection are my DVDRips.)

Prefer it to be networked (so I can access my library from my Tablet, when needed)

Is there such a beast?

Thanks for your responses!
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Originally Posted by jimlivingston /forum/post/16851713

Support for all file types (even MOV, as my HD Camera uses them)

Can you provide a sample?

I ask you because the WD TV or the Xtreamer are not capable of playing video taken with a Canon 5D Mark II. (1080p @60 fps)

And since the Popcorn Hour A-110 uses the same chip like the WD TV I would say that it won't work on it neither.

Upload the file to rapidshare.com or netload.in please.
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My JVC camcorder saves it's movies as MOV files too.

Once I transfer them off the CF card to my computer- I simply change the MOV extension to mpg and all my programs and devices treat the file as standard mpeg2. No your HD content may be different- but it's worth trying.

If you wand to rename a short 5 or 10 second clip- I have a PopcornHour A-100 and the new Egreat EG-M34A I be willing to run your clip through. PM me if interested.

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