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So I have been waiting for some time to get a FP. I have a 61" Samsung DLP which I love, but just wanted MUCH BIGGER. The thought of dropping even 2k was not appealing to me, and since I am not nearly as critical as most of you, the Vivatek will get me started.

IN reading all of the threads on the vivatek (which there are not many) I was reading about how thrilled people were to be getting a 1080p projector for 999.00, so I figured that since the cost was down to 799.00 that I couldnt go wrong.

So, the wife will be surprised to see a new toy in the house. I am going to wait on a screen until after I get the projector set up. I will use a sheet to start and get the screen size I am happy with, then start looking at screens of the appropriate size. This will be going into the Family room and a pull down or electric screen will be needed as it will come down right in front of the TV. I will use this for movies and sports only, but obviously not all the time.

Can not wait to get into the fray and see what this does for movies in the house

Wish us luck.
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