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I have a  LG 60ph6700 plasma TV in the basement hooked up to a Sond BDV-E2100 5.1 HTIB device and am having siginificant problems getting rid of the audio delay between the picture and the screen. Are there any good tools out there I can use to determine the delay and adjust the settings. Both the HTIB and tv have audio delay settings, which one should I adjust the delay on? and the TV has an option called bypass, what does that do? 


The setup is as follows Cable box to TV (HDMI) and HTIB to tv (HDMI and Optical). I have the optical cable because for some reason my tv will autimatically use the surround sound speakers if an optical cable is used. I would like to run everyting through the HTIB box but it is unable to do that. 


Any help would be greatly apreciated. 
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