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Long story short, I grow tired of my cheap black friday special TV. I bought it Nov 2013 as my old Sony DLP broke and it's all I could afford at the time. I got a new job with a nice raise in Sept so I'm on the look again.

I want something with better picture quality than this set has, but I'm also realizing that I really want a TV with a high motion rating/hz for gaming. My TV now can do a seudo 120hz, but gets masssive screen tearing on the edges if the motion gets too fast. But when it works (slow panning) it makes the game look SOOOOO much better! So at TV that can actually keep up with the games would be great.

Before you say "just get a 4k", I have looked at them, greatly. I just can't justify one for my purposes for where they are right now. With no standard being set yet, I can't justify $3k-$4k for a 60"+ right now knowing the very real possibility that it'll be obsolete when the standard is set. I'd much rather spent about half as much on a quality 1080p now, and then replace it in a year or two after a 4k standard is set and prices are lower.

Also, I game WAY more on my TV than anything right now, about 90% of the time it's on, if not more. Which 4k doesn't really do anything for, it "could" make it look sharper, but at the potentail of adding more input lag depending on the upscaler of the TV I could afford.

So I'm thinking about a 1080p TV, a good one, if one exists for what I want that is. It needs to be 65" or more and I'd prefer to spend under $2k, but want a high motion rating/hz as well as best possible picture/colors that can be squeezed out of it (which shouldn't be too hard given my current tv), so a 10bit panel, if one exists in 1080p would be nice.

So yes, I want the world, ha ha. But anyway what are some top 1080p models I should be looking at to start my research?

I did look heavily into the Sony 70" W850B but read the 70" has massive problems with radial banding, like 1 of every 3. But it was unique to the 70" the 60" is great....except it's too small for what I need.

Any advice, suggestions, corrections, critisms are appreciated, thanks!
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