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Originally Posted by HiDef360 /forum/post/0

Just want to know what the lcd enthusiasts think.

So what would the top 5 40" lcds be, from best to worst, without considering price ??

I'd go with the Sharp LC-42D92U which isn't out yet (due within the next month or so but 15,000:1 CR and 120Hz and three HDMI with 5-wavelength backlight. Well worth waiting for as they will leapfrog previous generation. Sharp jumps from 37" to 42" - no 40" panel.

The next gen Sony and Samsung 40" 120Hz panels with better CR won't be out until July these also would be great if one has patience.

Oh - Samsung LED 40" LE40M91 may also be a good match since price doesn't matter here - but I haven't seen it's US Debut yet - it may also be part of the July panels - the LED has huge Color Gamut.

I would not consider any of top five LCD's coming out as a "worst" at all - the top five would all be great now go down the line to off brands or the worst I ever owned temporarily two years ago was an RCA and it only looked good turned off, what a POS that thing was - SDE, NO blacks and green gray blacks just horrible PQ and it was replaced with the Sony and then Sharps and I like the Samsung LCD's very much also and Sony. I'm in the camp of those three primarily as BEST and the leaders in LCD.

I learned my lesson buying the RCA in the beginning and that you get what you pay for though most have improved dramatically since.
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