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Top Microsoft Exec Shows Off Media Center-Based Home

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Top Microsoft Exec Shows Off Media Center-Based Home
Senior Microsoft official uses Windows Media Centers, Lifeware automation and mostly off-the-shelf technologies for 11,000-square-foot home.

A senior – very senior – executive of Microsoft opened his Seattle-area home to a handful of reporters in November for an unprecedented tour of his automated home, powered by several Windows Media Centers and Lifeware home automation software.

The exec boasted that his home system has “no custom hardware and virtually no custom software.” What’s more, said the lifelong tinkerer, his home automation/entertainment system is “competitive, I think, with everything I’ve seen in home automation.”

Installed by the local Magnolia Home Theater, the home technology includes nine big-screen TVs, and four Media Center computers, plus a handful of in-wall Lifeware touchscreens, a Russound whole-house audio system and 14 thermostat zones provided by Aprilaire.

Each Media Center has four cable tuners, accommodating “basically every one that wants to watch live TV in a separate room,” the homeowner says.

The one special tweak performed for the executive’s home involves a (legal) work-around for limitations associated with digital rights management (DRM).

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