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Top ten cable companies commit to carry HDTV in top markets

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As reported at TVinsite: http://www.tvinsite.com/broadcasting...y=breakingNews

"The cable industry's 10 largest MSOs Wednesday pledged to carry at least five digital channels in top markets beginning Jan. 1."

I wonder if they mean that they'll do this only in the major city of the top market? Using Chicago as an example, most of the city itself has been upgraded so they have the bandwidth to carry HDTV programming, but many of the surburban areas haven't had their systems upgraded and AT&T's always telling us it's coming in six months (and that's been for 2 1/2 years).
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"Cable operators pledging support are AT&T Broadband, AOL-Time Warner Inc., Comcast Corp., Charter Communications Inc., Cox Communications Inc., Adelphia Communications Corp., Cablevision Systems Corp., Mediacom Communications Corp., Insight Communications Company Inc., and CableOne Inc. These ten collectively serve more than 85 percent of cable customers in the United States. "

Includes Insight which makes me happy! ~_^ It says top ten markets, but this doesn't mean TV Broadcasting Markets, this means Cable Markets which are huge ^_^
I learned recently that AT&T just began the process of upgrading their cable TV infrastructure in this area, and it's going to take them TWO years to complete the project. I was told this would increase their bandwidth from the current 550 Mhz to 700 Mhz. Though I'm hoping they'll pass through the 8VSB signal from the locals, I doubt that's what they have in mind. We will probably end up having to rent another of their stupid set top boxes to get even the non-premium channels in HD if they use QAM.
Adelphia must be flat out lying.

I have inquired about HD 5 times now. They have no plans to offer it.

I recently saw a story on the local news that they are rebuilding their system in their hometown of Coudersport, PA.

The press release said despite their current financial crisis, they are going to rebuild the system there, to be one of the most technologically advanced systems in the country.

So I think maybe they have had a change of heart and call them, and ask if after the rebuild in Coudersport, will they offer HD there?

The answer, No!

So I start asking how can you claim you are offering one of the most technologically advanced systems in the country and not offer HD?

The answer is similar to what they have told me before. There is not enough demand for it, and it' s very expensive.

But I respond many other cable systems currently offer it, so why wont you.

Same answer.

I am not aware of an Adelphia system anywhere in the country that offers HD. Does one exist?

Adelphia's product is a joke if you are serious about picture quality.
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Am I missing something, or does this mean nothing for HDTV? Carrying a digital signal doesn't mean carry a high definition digital signal, does it?
Yes.. you are missing something.. like the entire article.

Why don't you give it a read. =/

"The committed MSOs will carry the signals of up to five commercial or public TV stations or cable networks that provide high-definition programming during at least 50 percent of their prime time schedule or a substantial portion of their broadcast week. "
ATT is upgrading their infrastructure to include broadband internet and other improvements in my area now. Anyone know if this would be included in the improvements? It has taken 4 years of promises for them to install broadband internet in the area...I dont want it to take another 4 for HDTV!
The same improvements for cable Internet usually provide sufficient space for HDTV simulcarriage. However, with AT&T merging with Comcast, expect digital cable to be *required* for HDTV reception over any AT&T or Comcast system (as is the case with Comcast today).
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