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I have a 13 year old Pioneer VSX-D557 receiver and JBL Sat 10 center and front speakers and JBL Base15.  I've had it since college, and mostly it's used for movies so we don't really hear it and it doesn't bother me.  The receiver is connected to the computer via optical toslink cable, so I think that's as good as it gets in terms of signal quality going into the receiver.


I'm looking to build a small audio system for baby room, which will play pretty quiet music (both for the kid and the parents to enjoy).  From advice on another post, I'm leaning towards USB DAC + amp + Pioneer BS-22 setup.  The dac/amp might be a Topping TP30 or maybe just an amp like the LP-2020A, not sure yet.  But I'm wondering how much hissing to expect from this setup.


I'm wondering if hiss might be old components not being a sophisticated as newer components?  I have no idea what kind of quality the VSX-D557 Pioneer receiver is.  Back in college days, all I cared about was louder music.


The Topping TP30 is rated at 15W per channel.  Is that enough to power the Pioneer BS-22s adequately?  The speakers are rated at 80W, but I'm sure no one drives them that hard. The LP-2020A+ has slightly more power, with 20W per channel.  But the Topping's built in USB DAC to amp seems like it would create better SQ than a seperate DAC that connects to the LP-2020 amp w/ a 3.5mm cable.
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