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So im on a budget for a home theater and I was looking at the RF-52's or the WF-34's. I heard the WF's at BB and loved the sound compared to several others (I live in Dallas and not many stores carry budget friendly speakers that you can actually listen to). But even before going to BB, I saw the RF's online and read some reviews and from what people have said, these sound great for the price. So, now im wondering how different the sound actually is. I hear some people saying the Reference Series is superior to the Icon series, but how come the huge price difference between the two? And the RF-52 is a 2-way whereas the Icon is a 4-way speaker.

Any suggestions? I was going for the RC-52 for my center and the SVS 25-31 for the sub and the Pioneer Elite VSX-01TX for my receiver.

Oh, also I was wondering about the sub as well. I like the reviews of the 25-31 but its not amplified. Is it better off to go with the amplified version or try and get an external amp? Would the receiver be enough for it or does the receivers 100W x 7 not apply to the sub part? (Sorry newb question)
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