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Hi everyone. I'm newly registered on the forum but have been browsing it extensively for the last few weeks soaking in information ahead of deciding which set I want to buy.

I live in south africa and am limited by the manufacturers and models available locally.

After reading reviews and comments on the forum I would almost certainly have settled on a Sony 65" 900B but unfortunately as of the end of 2014 Sony has pulled out of the consumer electronics market in South Africa so none of their products are available any longer.

Similarly Samsung models are limited in availability and the new 2015 models have not launched yet. Most high-end models are curved screen and the HU8550 (which probably would have been my second choice after the Sony) is not available locally.

After in-store browsing I have decided that it will have to be between the two LG's above. I understand they are completely different technologies (OLED vs 4k LCD) but they both appeal in different ways:
I am amazed with the contrast and deep blacks and rich colors of the OLED unit, but I'm not crazy about the curved screen.
I prefer the flat screen and larger size of the UB9800 and I really like the built-in sound which is far superior to the OLED. However picture quality cannot compare to the OLED, despite the 4k

I will be watching in both light and dark conditions. My main input is satellite TV in 1080i, with occasional movies watched by media player in SD/HD format. It's highly unlikely that I will watch any 4K content anytime soon, so the upscaling to 4K is probably one of the most important considerations for the UB9800, but I'm not sure that it would be THAT much of an improvement (if any at all?)on the 1080p OLED screen.

Can you offer any valuable advice that could swing my decision? Both are roughly the same price. I would love to wait for a 4k flat OLED but it would be WAAY out of my budget.

Thanks for an amazing forum.
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