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Torn between RCAF 38310 and waiting for new models

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Hi all,

I've read all the threads on the goods and bads of the F38310, but still really like the set. For what I could get it for ($1800), it'll be tough to find anything close to it with the screen size and built-in HDTV tuner. It seems to me that even after all the woes posted on this TV, the owners STILL praise it, regardless of how many times it gets serviced, or replaced, etc. Is it that this TV is that good (when it works right) and is worth the headaches associated with it? RCA F38310 owners speak out!!!!

There also seems to be mixed reviews of the different models out there (JX4 vs. YX5). Does anyone know for sure whether one is better than the other, and what software upgrades may have been changed between models. If I buy this TV, I could ask the warehouse to check which models are in stock.

Thanks all for helping me with my decision!

Ralph :rolleyes:
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Had mine for about 4 months now and I couldn't be happier.

There is nothing in this price range that gives you this size and value for your money.

You could wait and maybe something better will come along, but that is with anything, computers, cameras, dvd players, etc. etc.

Buy it now and enjoy it and when something better comes out, sell it to your neighbor or a friend and buy the new model.

I give it 4 stars out of 5.
Thanks Crappy!

Did you get the extended warranty on it? It seems that if you make it past the 4-5 month mark with this TV, chances are you're out of the woods, and the set settles down with little problems. Eveyone I've heard of that have had problems were within the first few weeks of owning it. At $1800, I suppose I could spring for the extended warranty (+ the stand for about $200).

Nope I didn't buy it. I figure the manf. warranty should get it. I have bought the warranties before and I have never used one outside the manf. warranty period. For me they have been a waste of money and I think most will tell you the same.

I am sure there are some who disagree, but overall, you are correct, if you make it past the 6 month period and don't move it around a lot, you should be ok.

I had a Pioneer rear proj. that was fine for 2yrs. till I moved it and then I had it worked on 3 times and finally hauled it to the dump and went back to direct view. My last one was a 36" proscan that my son stil has and never once has it had a problem. That is an RCA product.
According my service menu I found and posted on a single subject thread, my unit since it was started has 8,950 hours on it. It was started on the last 2 weeks of may in 2001. I took possession on the 7 of June, I am disabled so it's on almost all day, 7 days a week. You couldn't get me to sell it for all the tea in China.

I did a full diagnostics check on it and every thing had 2 letters on it they were O and K. I ran every test in the service menu and all came up OK, after 8,950 hours on being on the F-38310 'odometer' in the service menu. My DVD that I bought 2 years ago has, wait a second I will switch inputs and get into the service menu to see how many hours of use are on both lasers.

Okay I now have 784 Hours on the DVD laser and still 3H on the CD/VCD laser gee what a difference. 784 divided by 2 = 392 hours a year next what my RCA HDTV has on it. You guys are not disabled you wouldn't put on 50% of what I would total! My next to last tube set I owned was a Sony I owned from 1985 (March) my accident was in June, to 1996 when I bought a 32" inch panny which I gave my church to buy the F-38310 in June 7th of 2001. I sold that 27 inch Sony it was working great, it just didn't have a s-video input. Now what was it that you were worried about, the fan is the same used in computers, you can always buy another DTC-100 or upgrade to a ?

The Tube set could last you 20-30 years or more, my dad owned a 1954 Admiral until 1982 when He bought a 27 inch RCA. Do the math, then do the math on still running in good shape RCA, that my mother doesn't want to part with it, because she never had to call for service! It's your choice

and your money, good luck on what you do end up purchasing. :)
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I'm thinking of getting it too, for my parents...where is the best place to buy it these days? $1800 sounds very good.
The $1800 is probably a re-furb model. I had one and it had problems that couldn't be repaired so I paid extra and upgraded to a brand new one. The re-furbs are supposed to have new picture tubes and be tested and re-alingned at the factory and some say are better than the new ones, but the one I got was trash.

I would pay the extra and get the new one if it was me.

I got mine from a satellite wholesaler who sells rca and toshiba called DSI.

They are all over the USA and most will sell to anyone if you have a business with a resale tax ID# and pay cash or credit card. If you have one in your area call them and see. You should be able to get a brand new one for $1800- 2000. If you have a friend in any business, they could probably get one for you. If not, then contact your local stores such as Circuit City, etc. and keep bargaining and you should be able to get them down to $2200. Let me know how you come out.
The $1800 price is for a NEW unit. My wife has a friend who is in the "wholesale" business, and could get it for a really good price. I'm sold on the F38310; now if I could just convince the wife!!!!

I'd recommend paying the $2200 you'd pay at Best Buy or Sears. You get the ability to return it in 30 to 90 days (time depends on store) for a full refund if you are not happy with it. No shipping BS. Just return it. It's peace of mind.

I would also recommend the extended plan. I bought one for a 36" Sony Wega and thank God I did because during month 13, the sucker went balls on me and I got a full credit, which I used towards my Panasonic 47". No warranty would have = $1800 paper weight.
I'll make sure that my wife's friend will accept a return in the event there is a major problem with the TV. You're right in that I don't want to get stuck with a TV that needs repair the first month I own it. She will also check on the model number (JX4 vs. YX5), if it really means anything. Anyone know if the changes are in the software, better tube, etc.?


I'm also looking at this set and I have one question for current owners.

What kind of TV stand do you have?

Did you get the RCA stand or go with something else? At 215 pounds I think it is the heaviest tube out there and I'm having a heck of a time finding a reasonably priced stand.

I guess the RCA stand is OK but I wanted to find something that would have a more open design so I could put the Center channel on the shelf below the TV

Thanks for any info

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I have owned my F38310 for three months and it has been super. It was a refurb unit bought over the internet for $1670. I also got an extended warranty for four more years for $139. I think shipping was about $225. Anyway, my wife did not want the RCA stand because she thought the two together were way too ugly (read, grey) for our family room. So, we bought a nice coffee table which sits off the floor about 20 inches and has a shelf underneath where I have my JBl s-center speaker. Works fine.

I figured I was saving enough money that if something convinced me to return it, I would be out another shipping cost. I did research this set thoroughly before buying it. The only real negative to me is that fact that there is no video out for recording. I have to record using another DirecTV receiver in the kitchen by running cables under the floor to the family room VCR.

I also have an AVIA calibration disk but found that the settings were pretty right on the money out of the box. Mayber RCA works hard on these refurb units to make sure they are correct before shipping from the factory.

Hope this helps.
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Where did you get the 4 year warranty for $139?

I called rca and they wanted almost $400 for a 3 year.

thanks for the info.
What all you guys want except for Matt_Stevens and me is laughable, for I paid $2999 for the set 11 months ago!

Talking about pulling your chain, get her involved with the AVS forum we will teach her the wonders of ownership over the colors all matching. I was married, my wife had to have every matching in her clothing, but when she started in about my stereo equipment that was it.

I put my foot down stating I left her buy what she wanted with no questions asked all, I asked is the same in return. Marriage is a 50-50 relationship. Didn't she ever see Ali McGraw in tears saying to her husband. "Love means never having to say your sorry", said in the movie "Love Story". Also starring Ryan O` Neal, about a young couple trying to make it on their own until a tragic illness struck. No HDTV or color of stand involved guaranteed!

Course you could buy her a few movies like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You've got mail. Some other mushy title like "Somewhere in Time" just go to your favorite DVD store put the key word *romance* in the suject.

Just get her attention off of the grey *locking* stand that will protect the investment.

How long will it be until someone in the *dark* of course, bumps into the coffee table and sends that 215 pound HDTV

flying. Coffee tables mostly have wheels or casters. Boats are not the only things that go *sailing*. lol :)
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Boltz.com makes a stand for the 40" Sony that looks perfect for the RCA F38310. It's not cheap, but it's sturdy and has a lot of shelf space.
I bought the TV from Proactive Electronics in SC: www.proactiveelectronics.com. The coffee table is a Thomasville 37831-110 and cost about $400. It is heavy, no wheels and looks fine. It is against a wall. I have felt under the TV so I can easily move it slightly to get to the cables in the back. There is no way the TV would come off the table... it is heavy!
I never even thought of a coffee table I will look and see if I can find a matching one with my current furniture.

I've looked at the Boltz furniture but I had thought it wasn't wide enough or perhaps I forgot to look at it's dimensions when I saw the price:D

Thanks for the input

A Lowes unfinished mission style solid wood coffee table is pretty much the exact size needed for this TV. It only cost's $89 plus the time to finish the table in your favorite finish. I chose to use a poly acrylic finish and the result was pretty good. It just takes lots of time and patience to apply 3 to 5 coats of finish and sand in between.

The height of the table is about 22 inches, but there is enough room to place a large center channel speaker on the shelf under the table surface.
Here are some stands that I looked at as options to the RCA one. Right now I'm using a (sturdy) coffee table, but it it a bit too low and doesn't have any storage. I want to have four 8" high spaces for components like some of the following stands offer -- I don't believe the RCA stand has that much room due to the narrow back. I may build my own.

Sanus NF213: $549 at amazon, $445 yahoo, and local stores.

Tech-Craft VET420: $300 at hifi.com. 41.75" wide enough? weight limit?

Tech-Craft BET48: $209 at dynadirect.com

These are available other places as well, shop around.
Barton M-

I've been looking at the Sanus Furniture and I like it but it's frustrating that this stuff costs so much. I'll look at the Tech craft too haven't really checked it out.

I'm with you on a custom piece but haven't really persued it. I am going to build my own Audio rack. A friend of mine told me about tnt-audio.com. They have a nice simple rack and then I can quit worrying about the furniture matching. If you end up building your own stand let me know how it turns out.

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