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tosh 52hm84

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just recieved my toshsiba 52hm84 and after hooking it up have mixed reviews, wanted to know if i am doing anything wrong. on delivery i hooked up the set to an existing hd cable box via a rg6 cable. picture quality in sd is fair at best, the hd channels are only slightly better which was a big disappointment. i then hooked it up to a dvd player which was great and what i had hoped for with the hd channels. the most annoying part is that each channel seems to have different colors, no 2 channels alike and i have to keep adjusting the settings to get a half way decent picture, the colors,contrast and brightness never seem quite right. is anyone else with this set having the same problems? in a few days my cable company will be installing a new hd cable box just for this set, what is the best hook-up from box to set? and will this improve pic quality? the funny part was they had installed a standard box by mistake which broke immediately after they left. when i called customer service they had me go through some re-boot steps to no avail and suggested that i just hook up there cable to my set for a temporary fix until they can replace the faulty box. this would give me just the sd channels but at least it was something.upon doing this i noticed a marked improvement in picture sharpness but the color- contrast quality remained the same. if anyone can help i would really appreciate it as i am uncertain about keeping this set. i bought the tosh after reading a bunch of rave reviews mostly at this forum so i am confused as to why i am having these problems.
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An RG6 cable is the worst connection you can have !!!...

Your Cable Box should be connected through the HDMI port (or component video) and your DVD player through one of the component video connection.

Your HD channels will then look even better then DVD's.

For the color/contrast problem, it might still be the connection type. I have this TV and do not have your color/contrast problem.
You will not get HI Def by hooking the cable (RG6)

into the back of the Toshiba...since it only has a

standard definition tuner. You will only get standard

tv (low-def)

You will not see hidef untill you get the new hi-def cable box.

you will notice an ENORMOUS improvment. The connection is

via three component inputs for video and 2 for sound. Two

are are available (inputs 4 and 5 )

As for color problems....it is probably your poor standerd def

cable system. Check the colors again after you get hi-def.

You WILL love this set.
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REad the manual and remember to save your picture settings otherwise they will change back to default.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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