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Toshiba 32AV502U 32 Inch 720p Calibration, please help

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Anyone here have this TV, it is very very dark, especially for my xbox, I was wondering if anyone had some bang on settings for crisp quality but still a bright enough picture to keep the quality.
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adjust contrast,brightness,gamma & Backlight controls
I dont understand backlight, and gamma, even after reading the manual

Originally Posted by Rawe /forum/post/15410975

I dont understand backlight, and gamma, even after reading the manual

You have to go into the setup menu & select picture settings. Use the remotes arrow buttons to shift left,right,up,down through the selections & values. In the drop down menu you will see all those adjustments. DOn't worry if you screw up there is a default reset feature. Also it may take some time to setup everything the way you prefer because of differences between stations & Sources. Once you get close to what you like start writing down the setting & save them in case they accidently get reset.

I have my set in the bedroom so I actually had to darken my setting a little cuz it was too bright!

Also you can setup up your sound preferences also. Play around with it don't be afraid you won't break anything & like I said you can always to a reset to the default values.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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