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Guys a few questions, I searched but didn't find the information I was looking for.

I'm looking for an LCD for my kitchen, the wall width is 42" , So I think I can fit a 32".

My next and biggets concern is the depth of the TV, I see that the Toshiba claims less than 1" thick ? Can anyone confirm this ? I can't believe it. Is this a true dimension from top to bottom ?

It will be used for keeping an eye on our kids (3 and 6) via a camera hookup in the playroom. We'll use that in a full screen mode, I'm not concerned about PIP and I'm not sure you'll find PIP on any 32" screens.

lastly it will be hooked up to and HD Cablevision box, for occasional TV use when we have a party of just milling around in the kitchen.

Top priority for me is the overall thickness, if it really is less than an inch, cost is reasonable. Any complaints about this TV ?
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