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Hey guys!

Just bought myself a new Toshiba 32HLV66 today.

(This post refers to the built in DVD player on the Toshiba 32HLV66)

As soon as I got it home today, I set it up and put in a (home made) DVD (family videos) and the DVD plays perfectly. However, I can't pause, stop, or navigate the DVD. And, most devastatingly, I can't eject the DVD. I've read the manual a few times over and I can't see what I could possibly be doing wrong.

I'm going to call Toshiba support tomorrow, but maybe someone could save me from looking like an idiot if I am making a mistake.

What could be going wrong with my ejecting? I've got the remote set on DVD/TV. I can't figure it out!

Is there a way to force-eject the disk? Maybe while the device isn't even turned on?

Please help! I want to enjoy my new LCD :-(

Thanks guys :)


EDIT: Also, it's showing the subtitles I have on the DVD and it won't let me turn them off. Infact, it seems that the entire lower part of the remote control is completely nonfunctional.

I've tried pausing/stopping/ejecting from the buttons onboard the TV and those don't work either.
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