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Toshiba 34HF85..Green Color Separation?

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Hi guys, I need some help. I have a fairly new (4-6 months) Toshiba 34Hf85, and have a problem. I just don't know what it's called.

Basically, On certain colors, like red, a slight green outline will be on the edge of the object. This goes the other way as well, (green object with red outline) but green is what I see the most, on certain edges. (The side of someones face)

I have tested this with both different movies and different DVD players. They all show the same thing. I have also tried the media on a different tv, and it does not show this phenomenom. So, I have to assume it is the TV. (I don't think it is the cables, since both my xbox 360 and regular dvd player show this, and they use seperate cables, on a seperate component input on the TV.

I've included a picture so you can Kind of understand what I'm saying. If you can see it, both the man and the woman in the picture have a slight green outline on the right side of thier face.


The only thing that I've come across is that it could be a convergence problem. If this is so, is that able to be fixed using the service menu? (maybe I missed it)

Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks!
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This is not a RGB convergence problem. This is the dreaded Y/C delay (different kind of convergence) problem!! It affects all TVs to some small extent but good TVs should have good Y/C convergence. The 2005 Toshibas are BY FAR the worst TVs in regards to Y/C delay of all TVs that I have ever seen in my whole life! I own one, so I know. It sucks, these TVs are a piece of crap! :|

Unfortunately there is almost nothing you can do. I rarely see people talking about Y/C Delay yet in my opinion it is the worst quality-affecting phenomena I see. Blame the sorry state of your TV half on Toshiba, and half on the general TV consumer public for generally having no clue what Y/C Delay is or how critical it is. When I look around at TVs one of the first things I check on all TVs is how bad or good the amount of Y/C Delay is. It is present on all kinds of TVs including CRT, LCD, whatever.

There is one thing you can do to partially alleviate this problem. Don't use the component inputs on your Toshiba. The Y/C delay changes with the input. The Toshibas have pretty good Y/C delay through the composite and S-Video inputs. So use S-Video for your DVD player but unfortunately if you want HD you have to use the component cables and you will have that dreaded problem.

(BTW, some Toshiba models have less Y/C delay than others. The 30HF85 I currently have actually has decent Y/C delay through component. It's not good but not as bad as yours).
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What about getting it serviced through warranty? Would they replace the TV in this situation?
Considering that 2/3rd of all Toshiba 2005 TVs have that problem to the same severe extent yours does (3 out of the 5 units I had was like that), and the remaining 1/3 still have that problem but it is half as bad (still fairly bad), I don't think Toshiba cares or even understands that problem. They are a bunch of mindless morons who think such things are okay, or something.

I doubt they would be able to fix your TV or be willing to replace your TV for that (since all their units are sorta like that). However feel free to call in for a repair (it's your right) and bug Toshiba for making such a sorry piece of #$#! for a TV. :) I'm currently bugging Toshiba for mine as well, although it is for a different issue.
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