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Toshiba 37HLV66 or the Samsung 4041?

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Hi all,

This is certainly one heck of a forum - wonderfully knowledgeable posts!

I've done as much research here - and elsewhere - as I know how; and I now have one final choice. The Toshiba 37HLV66 (which I have not yet seen), or the Samsung 4041 (which I thought had a fantastic picture; better, in my eyes, to anything else they had at BB).

I understand the pros and cons of a built-in DVD player, and I'd like to resolve that issue separately. But since none of the local BBs have the Toshiba, I'm curious as to what the experts here think of the picture. Supposedly, its contrast ratio is nowhere near the Samsung; but from what you all say, that number is not very meaningful anyway. By the way, I did see the 26" version of the Toshiba, and thought it had a great picture, but it sure would have been nice to compare the 37" size with the Samsung.


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Not to be rude, but bump....just in case this post gets lost...:)


Just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased the Toshiba 37HLV66 (about 1 month ago). I am not a image viewing expert but the image is satisfactory. Although I wish it was, I won't claim that this TV has the best image. When I was shopping for an LCD TV I had narrowed down my search to three models: the Aquos 37D90U, the HP 37" model (don't remember the model #) and this one (37HLV66). I basically had to go with the Toshiba due to space constraints.

I can't confirm this for sure but my research concluded that of the three models I was looking at, Toshiba was the only one that had 12-Bit Digital Video Processing through their PixelPure Hi-Bitâ„¢ technology. The others are 10 bit. Does this matter a whole lot? Maybe, maybe not.

The Sharp 37D90U can process a 1080p signal though which the Toshiba can't which may be a problem down the line and also has 2 HDMI inputs which is a big plus.

The built in DVD player has a crystal clear picture. I mean it is amazing. The HD cable signal from my cable box does appear a little grainy (not too noticable on HD channels but is easily spotted on standard definition channels. I am not sure what the cause of this is, but I am not connecting my cable box to my TV using HDMI. I am using a component input so maybe the picture quality will be increased if I switch to HDMI.

I know you are also interested in the Samsung but I wasn't at all impress with what they had to offer. I did a quick feature comparison and the Toshiba came out ahead in my book. It seems that there are plenty of other model LCD televisions that either have a better picture than the Samsung, better features (more inputs) or both.

So far after 1 month of use I am not dissappointed with my purchase.
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