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Replaced the 3 IC chips STRZ4479, STRW6765 & SRX2039 on power supply board as suggested by the many posts that i searched.

After replacing the IC chips i developed another problem. The power relays (SR80 & SR81) on power supply board are clicking on and off constantly and the yellow light is still blinking as before (3 blinks 1 pause & then again 3 blinks & 1 pause).

Is it possible that one of the new component i replaced is defective?

Presently the only voltage i measure on the power supply board is 5.0vdc on pin 7 of Plug P809.

Before replacing the 3 IC chips i measured the following voltages at power board:


Pin7 28.7vdc


Pin7 5.07vdc

Pin9 (ACDETECT) 3.492vdc

Pin12 (Power) 3.039vdc

All other pins measured 0.0 volts on rest of pins.

Please help
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