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OK Guys...Before you start yelling at me know this...this was my very first large screen TV that wasn't a Sony 27" set that weighed as much as the statue of David in Rome! I know nothing about this stuff so forgive me if I cannot use the correct terminology...I simply don't know it nor, judging by what I have read thus far, do I understand it.:confused: So...as the attorney said in the film, "Philadelphia"...talk to me like I'm 4 years old!

I bought this set back in 2005-06, set it up in my living room, and never really used it. In 2010 I moved to a much smaller place and dragged my Toshiba with me. I began to use it at that time and I would guess that it has been turned on every day since July of 2010! (There...that explains why this inquiry is so late in coming!)

About 4 weeks ago I began to notice some, what I call "scrambling" at the very top of the screen when I turned the set on. This situation would right itself after about a minute and presto...the picture was fine...it reminded me of when I was a kid and when you would turn on the TV it would scramble in horizontal lines and then 'pop' into its normal viewing mode!. Then, day by day, I noticed other things starting to appear. A vertical line would come onto the screen on the right hand side and suddenly move like a lightening bolt, jumping within about an 1/16th on an inch back and forth from its position. Then horizontal lines that were broken would scoot across the screen and also move in the same way as the vertical line...jumpy. Then at the top of the screen I was seeing shards of the actual picture...but like they were enclosed by () brackets, line after line for about 8-10 lines. I began to leave the set on all the time since I was afraid it would one day not recover from its initial scrambling but I'm not altogether certain I did the right thing there! Just yesterday, as I was watching a film, the film looked like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces being displaced by other pieces but then falling back into their proper places. That was very strange and it happened only once...as of this writing, anyway! Overall, the picture is borderline blurry and I would say the color is a bit washed out but the scrambling is the thing that is getting to me. The situation is getting worse by the day and I am thinking of which remedy to opt for. I don't have much money to play around with so I cannot simply call a repairman at $100.00 for the visit and perhaps get nothing for it and then have to go buy a new TV after all!

We live in a throw-away society. Today, when one looks in the Yellow Pages under TV repair there isn't much there, if any listings at all. I'm not certain I trust the "Geek Squad" with their median range 21 year old "Techies" but what options do I have really? Is this problem a familiar one to any of you and can it be readily or easily fixed...and if so, can it be done without breaking my very lean piggy bank? I've been looking at TV's and everything is so very expensive. There are names out there I don't even recognize like Vizio and many more! LCD - LED/LCD - PLASMA - It's making me nuts. I don't need or want a "Smart" TV either. I don't use that stuff on my computer and don't have any of it on my freebie, Senior Citizen, cheap-o cell phone. The day I wish to access Amazon through my TV....shoot me! Can any of you guys help me out here with some suggestions on repair or new TV's and which one I should be looking at? I'd surely appreciate it if you could...and in Quaint Olde English, if you please! :wink:

Thanks Very, Very Much...Kuklapolitan (Chris B.)
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