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I have my Toshiba 42HL167 TV mounted in the living room and a cheap 32" Olevia 720P set in the bedroom, both fed with Comcast cable. To provide more detail, both coaxial cables are connected on the other end to a splitter in my back yard. The input of the splitter of course is connected to Comcast box outside the yard.

Now, I think I have established that both my Toshiba and Olevia sets receive the same input cable signals. Surprisingly, however, Olevia can tune to a few channels which the Toshiba cannot even find!!!

Those channels can be watched clearly on Olevia but cannot be located on Toshiba even if I specifically enter the channel number on Toshiba (include nearby channel numbers). One example is ION HD channel (58.1 or 58-1). I can receive this channel in 1080i on the Olevia but not at all on Toshiba.

For some channels, the two TVs will both receive correctly but at slightly different channel numbers, for example 102.7 vs. 102.8. On the other hand, every channel found by Toshiba can be tuned by Olevia.

For owners of or people having experience with Toshiba LCD HDTV (especially 42HL167), have you noticed similar problems? You would think that the Toshiba would outperform Olevia in such basic aspects as QAM tuners ... [By the way, my Toshiba firmware is dated May 2007 and I have not gone through the trouble of updating it to the Nov 2007 version which is the latest available.]
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