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Toshiba 42HP95

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I was just searching for something else on the Costco website and noticed that Costco is now carrying the Toshiba 42HP95 (Costco didnt even change the model number). The spec sheet listed on the site looks the exact same, however, it did list 2 HDMI inputs, which I think is a typo, but would be a nice addition, if true.

I originally purchased this set from BB on a steal of a deal a few weeks ago, however, the first one was defective, so after returning it, they ordered me a new one, which is due in on Tuesday. I am now very tempted to cancel my BB order and just drop in to Costco and pick one up--at the Costco price, I would only be paying ~$200 more than the steal I got at BB, however, I would get the benefit and piece of mind of the generous Costco return policy (basically $200 for a lifetime "satisfaction" warranty).

Has anyone seen these sets at Costco yet to determine if they really are the same model?

In the next couple of days, I plan on going by to do some poking around, so I will let everyone know what I found out.
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most of the costco warehouses do not carry these....maybe they will soon or myabe they wont get em at all....

I was planning to go this week to BB to get me one of these for my bedroom. I was impressed with the 42HP95's PQ. It'll go hand in hand with my 52HMX94 in the living room. :)

You mentioned they indicated 2 HDMI inputs, must be the 42HPX95. Costco carrying it would be great! Anyway, thanks for the heads up!
most of the costco warehouses do not carry these....maybe they will soon or myabe they wont get em at all....
Is that a guess or is that info coming from Costco? Since I am still inside my return/price match period and still in shopping mode, I regularly check the Costco website and this Toshiba is a brand new addition. My guess is that Costco just picked up this model and it has yet to hit the warehouse floors. It doesnt say "on-line" only on the website.

You mentioned they indicated 2 HDMI inputs, must be the 42HPX95.
It clearly states that it is the 42HP95 and the 42HP95 is pictured, however, at their price, it would be fantastic if it turned out to be the HPX.
billymc, im just guessing b/c there a few models that show up on the site that are not in store...im not sure whether costco just picked this up or if its back from the dead...if you check the site regularly you would also see the panny lcd is back...i have never seen that in a store as of yet...but maybe i missed it...
The HP95 models are relatively new (IIRC released in late summer or early fall of '05), so I would be very surprised if Costco has already stocked this model, then completely dropped it, then restocked it again.
I was about to buy this plasma when I saw it at sears. It looked just as good if not better than the Panny right next to it, glad I did'nt hope costco will have them in there warehouse. Even if you order it from there web site it is still cheaper than sears.
They just now pulled it off their web site. I saw a link when I went in but the link said "Sorry this is not stocked". When I refreshed the link was gone.
Very strange. I did visit my Costco warehouse and they could pull it up on the website, but could not tell me if or when it would be available in the warehouses. I was just getting ready to call to Costco.com service number to see if they had any info.

Ohhh well. Looks like I will be taking receipt of mine from BB tomorrow. If it does show back up at Costco in the next 30 days, after what BB put me thru when I was having issues with my first set, I dont think I will have any problems returning my second set to BB and getting one from Costco.
Hhgregg also carries the 42HP95 and the x model. My local Costco did not have it in the warehouse either.
Looks like they got the 50HP95 advertised this time. And dunno if that's a typo but it sez "dual HDMI digital in".
I would think it's a typo - the HP95 has only 1 HDMI input.
Does anyone own this? I'm wondering how wide the base is...
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