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I know this is a longshot, but anyone who has a 46UL605U or has access to one, could you give me the dimensions for WxHxDepth and diagonal viewable screen size.

The official specs from Toshiba are it is a 46" diagonal screen, and it is 43.05"x22.63x1.38" without stand.

Doing some simple math, a 46" 16:9 display should have viewable dimensions of 40.09"x22.55" (Can someone check my simple math?)

So looking at the height on this model it's 22.63 and the viewable height should be 22.55. So there is 0.08" total or 0.04" at the top and bottom to have the metal frame and the plastic bezel?!!??

Something here is not right. This is by far the shortest listed 46" TV I have seen, and I think it either is NOT 46" or the height given is wrong. Even if it is one of the 45.9" screens, that only gives 0.06" top and bottom.

Does anyone have this model that could measure it?

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