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Hey guys! Sorry if there's an "official" thread for this unit, I couldn't find one.

So we've had a Toshiba 51H83 rear-projection CRT sitting in our basement since forever ago. It works, and the picture is bright, but there is a noticeable blurriness to it, even when using the DVI input. I hooked up a RetroPie to it to test, and the effect is most notable in high contrast - white text on black background has a fuzzy blue halo surrounding it. It's not a per-pixel phenomenon, rather it seems like a true blur/smear, if that makes sense.

It's not terrible, but I'd like to see if I can tune the image. I'd like to use this unit for old video game consoles (possibly even do an RGB mod to it if at all possible). I have already fuddled with the RGB "focus" adjustment screws as well as checked the convergence, both of which are not the source of the problem.

I opened up the unit to check the state of the mirror as well as the individual cathodes. There was a thin film of dust on the lenses, but that was not the source of the problem. Worth possibly nothing is that the OSD suffers the same blurriness.

I guess I'm just curious what could be causing this problem, if nothing else. I would link to the service manual (or post a picture of the blur effect), but I can't post links or images yet! :X

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