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Toshiba 55HT1U vs 55G300U

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My folks just purchased the 55HT1U. They don't know very much about technology, and so I was afraid they got pushed around by the sales rep. I took a look online for some reviews and there was not much info about this TV. One review (Slickdeals.net. Search up 55HT1U. I cannot post links) that I saw said "From what I can tell the model on sale is basically the same model as the 55G300U on amazon, but without an ethernet port (not DLNA certified) and missing one HDMI Cable." I looked up the pricing for the 55G300U at Best Buy and it is selling for the exact same price as the 55HT1U ($1200 CAD).

Would the 55G300U be the superior model due to the extra Ethernet and HDMI port? Are you able to surf the Internet on your TV via the Ethernet port, or would I need to attach a computer to it? Would you recommend the 55G300U to anyone (sorry, I don't know very much about TVs)?
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I'm also curious about this TV. It can be had from a number of stores for under a grand, but I haven't seen much feedback on it. I wouldn't mind picking one up before the family's over for the holidays if it's a decent set.
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