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i have a Toshiba 55hx70. i turned it on today to find that my red color is shooting across the screen. when subtitles would come up, they would be blue, then a red set would appear above them. and red would be skewed across the screen. i found the red/green/blue adjustments and got the red back to ok. and i dont know if its just my lack of color adjustment skills, but now the picture is back to being semi-clear. but its got too much blue and green. whenever i try to increase the red level, the screen gets red waves across it. the white isnt a perfect white, and the brown isnt the greatest. and to get the picture to be decent, i have to have the red adjusted to the minimum... do you have any idea what it would be?? is the red color maker getting weak? thanks...

im just trying to get an idea before i take it to a shop. hopefully its something i can replace myself. i have soldering skills and electrical experience....

thanks in advance guys/gals!!!
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