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when I use any of the video inputs the cable is connected to the screen will flash completely black for a second and then go back to normal. what could cause this? it does this during the actual programs and not just when I switch inputs.

here is more info:

I have an external STB - motorola 5100

it is connected via coax from the box to my vcr then to ant1 on the tv.

it is also connected via the component video as well. this goes directly to the tv, not thru a reciever.

my reciever is plugged into Video 1. this is where my vcr connects to the tv. my vcr is plugged into the reciever.

the STB is connected to the Colorstrem HD2 input.

when I switch I just select input and go to #5 for hd or #0 for cable. the flash is present on these inputs as well as the input that the vcr comes into.

as far as I can tell, this is not present on my SAT system which is also routed thru my reciever and comes into Video 1 as well. - the same as the vcr.

It seems like this is only present with my cable system and anything that is connected to it.

I also have a vcr which is used for recording that just has the cable go directly into it(via a splitter) and it does it on this as well.

if I record something this flash does not record. It can happen during playback but if I rewind it will not be there.

this black flash just comes and goes all the time, not just when I change inputs. I can just be sitting here watching a show and the screen will just go black for a second then return to normal.
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