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Toshiba CEVO

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Just under the 2min mark there is a video of the 512 zones at work. Kinda cool seeing it running next to the real video. Biggest complaint I´ve seen in reviews of LED backlight dimming set's is the halo's, this could(and likely should) reduce them a lot. But why are some zones brigther on the demo, it's like the edges of a box and in every corner there are brigther zones. As a non techie I thought the lighting would look smoother than that, that each zone wouldn't be such an obvious square made of smaller lights. Thought it would kinda smoothly blend. Lokks like there are 9 LED's in each zone from the demo. Toshiba are saying it uses 3k+ LED´s, but if it's 512zones and 9 Leds it should be 4K leds(why don't they dimm every single lead.. is that honestly too much to ask with today's CPU's??).

I´d be worried about getting uneven brigthness as the lights age, since there is some evidence that LED's may perhaps dim faster than thought, and Toshiba are bragging about this set being brigther than the surface of the sun, so they must be driving them pretty hard and so many must heat up quite a lot.

How has the viewins angle been on previous Toshiba LCD´s(do they make their own panels.. IPS or other??). If they do hit a homerun with the local LED dimming, then I guess viewing angles and motion blurring will be the next thing to overcome. Funny how there is pretty much no talk today of the actual panels(native contrast, speed etc.), just the band-aids. How have the actual panels improved lately?

If they do hit a homerun with this
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