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Please can someone point me inthe right direction of some kind of e-mail support for hd dvd?.

I feel that they are letting the UK side down buy releasing next to no titles compaired with the US market. as I work for the main distributer in the UK it's quite apparent that Blu-ray is very quickly taking the lead in sales as internet sales have dropped quite drimaticly for HD DVD. Also shelf space is being dominated by Blu-ray and HD DVD is slowly being pushed off the shelves in retail outlets around the UK.

I have been a huge supporter having brought the Add on for the XBOX 360, the HD-E1 and 30 titles. I like many feel that it is time to give a little something back in respect of your supporters Toshiba.

Please post your comments if you feel the same way and maybe we could start some kind of POLL!!. Surely they would have to listen to that.

Blu-ray Pre release 65

HD DVD Pre Release 16
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