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Toshiba D-VR4SU remote

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for some reason my remote has stopped working.. I of course put in new batteries but that did not help... it will not turn on the or off the machine.. none of the buttons do anything..

It has not been dropped or anything like that one min it worked next it did not..

can any one help?
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I know nothing about Toshiba products. But a lot of IR remotes have 3 sets of signals in case you have 3 Toshiba products close to each other. You can have each of the units on a different set of signals. Maybe you accidentally selected an unused set of signals on your remote or on your 4SU?

If you have a camcorder you can check your IR emitter on the remote by pointing it into the lens of the camcorder when it is powered up in the CAMERA mode. If the emitter is working you will see a white light come on when you press a button on the remote when viewing the remote on the camcorders viewfinder. Camcorders can change invisible IR light into visible light on their viewfinders. That will tell you if the emitter LED is working and the batteries are functioning.

Those are the only 2 general troubleshooting steps I know about. Good Luck.

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