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Toshiba DST 3000 question re outputs

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Does the Toshiba DirecTV stb output to both component and S-video at the same time?

If not, do any other manufacturers' stb do that?

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The DST3000 does not output via the component cables and the S-Video at the same time. I do not know if any on the market at this time do. I'm not to sure but I think the highly anticipated Zenith box will do that.

Thanks for the reply.

Interesting. I ask because of ReplayTV. Currently, I have my DirecTV receiver feeding my replay unit and my tv at the same time. It appears that if I am watching DirecTV with a HDTV compatible set top box through the component outputs, I won't be able to record anything on my ReplayTV.

Is there anyway around this?
Originally posted by lunarist
I'm not to sure but I think the highly anticipated Zenith box will do that.
Based on their website, this STB will only output on both when outputing 480i (because their component outputs support 480i unlike everyone elses).

I don't understand why no one has built a STB that can ouput 480i (on composite and s-video) and 1080i (on component) at the same time! :confused:
I just hooked up my new DST-3000 today to my Tosh 40X81 HDTV, and can confirm that this STB will not output both S-video and composite video at the same time. I'm also finding some unexpected results with the picture geometry between the S- and composite video outs. With 480i via S-video, I can use the TV controls to change between Standard, Theaterwide, and Full geometries. However, with the Standard (4:3 image with gray sidebars), the image looks "skinny", with figures vertically elongated. With 480i via component (which the STB upconverts to 1080i), I can't change geometry with the TV controls, and the image apparently locks in the "Full" mode with considerable overscan, but the vertical elongation isn't there. Is what I'm describing normal for this STB-TV combo or do I have something connected wrong?

I'd love to see how native 1080i looks with this setup, but I have no signal source yet. I plan to get HD OTA, and the first of my local network affiliates won't go online with HD for three more weeks.

Any help appreciated.
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It appears that there is no way to run 2 TVs off any HDTV DirecTV set top box when using the component out to one of the TVs unless you get the Zenith and restrict the output to 480i.

Is this true?
I am splitting the hd component video signal from my Toshiba 3000. I use three (you have to buy two pairs but use just three) Monster direct plug audio splitter. These are configured as one male to two female that plug directly into the red, green and blue inputs without any connecting cables. You can then connect two sets of component cables. there is no apparent signal degradaton.

I am sending two hd signals to two different hd sets.
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