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I have purchased a Toshiba (A45-S121) laptop and I am trying to connect it to GWIII to show a wide-screen desktop. Here is the list of eq that I have:

A45-S121 with Intel graphics card 852GME

KDS ClearColor3



I do able to show the desktop screen on GWIII. But it is over scan. The width of the screen occupies the full TV screen. The top and bottom of desktop screen is cut off. It seems to me that the TV is showing 4:3 desktop screen and zoom in to fit the width and cut off the top/bottom. Anyone know what resolution and setting I should use for PowerStrip to show a full screen 16:9?

Also in PowerStrip, the "Custom Resolution" button is not click-able and I can't type in the scan rate, active, FP, SW, BP.. etc. I can only manupliate it by clicking position and size arrows on the left side. Anyone has answer to this?

Do I need to load the GWIII driver first?

Is the Intel 852 card not capable to do custom resolution?

Thanks for posting!!!

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