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Toshiba Regza 42HL67 DynaLight/Dynamic Contrast Question

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I posted this in the official 42HL67 thread but no one seemed to know the answers so I thought I'd see if anyone over here does.


The manual defines Back Light:
Adjusts the brightness of the entire screen.
And DynaLight:
Automatically strengthens the black coloring of dark areas in the video according to the level of darkness.
Since the Back Light definition says "brightness", the DynaLight definition says "black coloring", and the DynaLight feature adjusts the Back Light, it appears this is just another black level setting (since "brightness" is black level).

1. Is this correct? Are the Back Light and DynaLight settings acting on black level?

2. How does this interact with the other black level setting--brightness?

3. How does it determine when it should be lighter or darker?

4. Will DynaLight still work if you set the Back Light to 0?

Dynamic Contrast

The manual defines Dynamic Contrast:
Detects changes in the picture quality that affect the appearance of your contrast settings and then automatically adjust the video.
Contrast is white level. However, when I have tested the different Dynamic Contrast levels, it looks very much like it is adjusting the black level (brightness) rather than the white level (contrast).

* Does anyone know exactly what adjustments Dynamic Contrast is making?

Thanks for any info you have.
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Dynamic contrast ... by artificially deciding when to boost/lower the contrast and the brightness ... it can fool the eyes into thinking the image watched has a far greater contrast ratio than the TV can technically provide.

It's like some invisible man in the room with the remote control ... deciding when to do this ... and thus you are tricked into thinking the contrast is better than it actually is. Real result of such a feature is that both dark and bright details suffer ... some things soften ... and other things discolor.

Features best left off if you want a better image.

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Originally Posted by Michael TLV /forum/post/12839559

. . . by artificially deciding when to boost/lower the contrast and the brightness . . .

So it's actually adjusting the white level *and* the black level?

Thanks for the info!
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