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Please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong forum section, but......we just had Verizon FIOS hooked up today. All went well until we tried the hdmi with our biggest 47-inch REGZA(2007) - no sound with hdmi/Colorstream cable worked. We also had the same trouble when using hdmi and a Sony DVP-NS77H DVD player a few months back. There is a 32-inch REGZA(2007) in the bedroom that does not have a problem with the hdmi audio and same devices. (All settings for audio, etc. have been compared between the 2 tv's and are the same.) Many days and Google searches have been spent trying to figure this out. Toshiba customer support is our next call. However, does this sound like anything anyone else has encountered? It's frustrating to think that the be$$$$$t tv we bought has a problem, even if it is under warranty.
The smaller tv is ok....the Verizon tech even thought the issue was with the big Toshiba. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
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