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CES 2009] The Toshiba press conference just ended 30 minutes ago and the new line up of LCD is pretty interesting. The REGZA SV670, the top of the line (photo), comes in 46" and 55" size.

Features include:

* * Stunning Deep Lagoon(TM) Infinity Flush Front Cosmetic Design

* * Resolution+ super resolution technology

* * ClearScan 240(TM) advanced frame rate technology

* * CrystalCoat(TM) high contrast screen coating

* * FocaLight(TM) LED Backlight with local dimming

* * InstaPort(TM) for faster HDMI switching

* * USB Port

* * SD Card Slot

* * Dolby(R) Volume

* * Audyssey EQ

I'm curious how the 55 incher will stack up to Samsung and Vizio's version of the 55 inch (I assume they all use the same panel no?)

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I'm curious as well, with the cell engine powering the set perhaps Toshiba has a more advanced Local Dimming Solution than the other manufactuers. However I doubt that they're all using the same panel. Samung, LG and CMO are all making 55 inch panels now. If I had to guess Toshiba will probably be using either Samsung's or LG's (a Samsung panel is more than likely). While Vizio at it's awesome price point will be using CMO's new panels...
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