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Ive been reading so much about people with vertical line issues on TVs (including a lot of Toshibas) but none of the threads I have found seem exactly like my case.

I was recently given a Toshiba Regza 52rv535u. The guy I got it from said the screen didnt work so I took it home. The first day, I plugged it in and hooked up the cable to it and saw the entire right third of the screen didnt come on. I turned it off and turned it back on and this time the entire right third screen was covered in vertical lines. sometimes they would move a little as if the tv's picture was striped vertically across the entire screen. Anyhow, I just left the tv sitting like that and came back to it about 30 or 45 minutes later and to my surprise, the whole screen was working! I hooked up an HDMI to it and enjoyed my new TV for the rest of the night with no problems.

The next day, I tried the same trick turning it on and trying to let it "warm up" but after sitting all day - nothing. vertical stripes on the entire right third of the screen (two left thirds working fine though)...

Tonight however, I turned it on and it worked fine from the start... Started playing some video games on it and after an hour or so, the right third lines returned (stupid lines...)

I sit probably average on electronic/applicance repair ability and felt comfortable taking off the back and looking for any bulging capacitors but didnt notice any. After some research on the internet it seems that my problem could be either the panel (which probably isnt the case since it started working after the warm up... right?), the T Con board, capacitors, or connecting ribbon. I have a multimeter to test it with but dont really know where to start testing exactly or if it would even be any help to me.

Any ideas? I found all kinds of boards for this tv except for the T Con board (which I believe may be the culprit). Anybody else resolved a problem like this? Or know where to find a used T Con board? Thanks!
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