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Toshiba SD-V593 problems

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Hello there. First post here. I recently purchased a consumer setup to get started with HD and I'm having some issues.

My equipment:

Toshiba 26HF85 HD-ready TV

Toshiba SD-V593 DVD/VCR combo unit with HDMI

With my relatively low level of knowledge, most everything seems to work properly. The problem shows up when I am watching a DVD with the output set to 1080i, and sometimes 720p. When I do that, often there is some discolored "banding" in the picture, mostly found in part of the movie which have a high contrast. For example, last night I was watching "The Return of the King" Extended edition and when Arwyn is talking about reforging the sword and she walks toward the statue holding the broken shards, there is a very bright light behind her silhouette. At that point, the the screen shows less-than-white bars moving up and down along the screen. Also happens a lot whenever the sky is depicted on screen. When the screen isn't having one of these high contrast moments, things appear to be fine, but I might just be missing is since I'm a new guy to HD.

When I press the HDMI button on my remote and change the resolution to 480p the problem goes away (but the picture looks different, especially the color). Sometimes I can go to 720p and it's ok. But I have yet to watch a DVD with the player set to 1080i and have no banding.

I'm using HDMI to connect the player to the TV.

I appreciate any help you have to offer. Thanks!

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Nothing? Nobody else have this issue? Sound perplexing? Li'l help?

My latest theory is that it is the HDMI connection itself which is the problem. I was foolish and let the 30-day return policy expire so now I'm stuck with it. Either I send it in, or purchase some component cables and see if that's better. I figure since I will be using up the HDMI slot on the TV for my soon-to-be-purchased HD receiver, I might as well go with component for the DVD/VCR combo. I still get the digital signal, and the up-conversion, only now it's 3 cables instead of 1. No big deal. Then, maybe if there's no improvement, I can send it in to Toshiba for a look.

This sound like a good plan?


Just one thing to point out...Component cables are ALWAYS analog, so no you dont get a digital signal when you switch from HDMI or DVI to component...
An excellent point. Perhaps I will stick with the HDMI after all. Now I just have to call up Toshiba.

Bit of a bummer.
digital is not necessarily better in all instances. Hook up the component cables and see, you may not even see any difference at all...
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