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Toshiba TLP-MT7 Test Drive.. Not the one.

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This weekend I had the opportunity to try the Toshiba TLP-MT7

in my home. The source was a proscan JVC DVD player.

First impression; noisy video or poor A to D conversion. Gray portions of the image seemed to 'crawl' even during still scenes. First noticed it as soon as I turned on the unit and the DVD player was sending the standard 'no disk' image (gray with JVC in the centre).

Second impression; out of the box the colors were terrible. Was ok watching animation (just release DVD of Snow White), however, Armageddon and Lost is Space looked terrible. The colors were over saturated. With some work I suspect it might be better, however, with the video noise I saw no point of spending too much time with the projector.

This was rather disappointing because the specs looked good and I was hoping this would be the projector for me.

Good points:

Good contrast and black levels.

Good scaling.

Very quiet.

Zoom lens.

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Too bad about the Tosh. I don't recall reading anything good about this projector, yet it looks good on paper.
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