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Toshiba TN61X81 Sound but No Picture

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I was watching Directv on my Toshiba TN61X81 and the screen just went off but the sound continued and the Power LED stayed on. Tried other inputs and even tried Demo Button but nothing appears on the screen. When I turn the power off, I get a quick horizontal flash in the middle of the screen. I was thinking that perhaps the lamp died. If you can help me troubleshoot this it would be much appreciated
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This model does not use a lamp. It really should be looked at by a tech.
I have had this TV for almost 10 years and never had an issue until now. So no lamp. I was hoping it might be something simple. I have never needed to open it up to even look inside. So if I cannot fix it fairly cheaply (< $300), the next question is, am I better off saving the repair money and buying something new? I assume it will be fairly expensive to fix since it is about 300 lbs and will require a tech to come out and check it out.
Just some guestimates:

Labor $250-$300

Red crt $250

Green crt $250

Blue crt $250

Deflection Board $600

Convergence board $425

Digital board (rebuild only) $250

Signal board $1000

It is possible, if you get a very good tech who can repair to the component level you might get it fixed for like $400 ($300 labor + say $100 in parts).

I would suggest you get out to a local store and see how much better the picture is on newer Tv's than your Dino, then decide for yourself.
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Well it's back working again. Just tried it again this morning and it's like nothing was ever wrong. Someone else suggested it might be a loose connection or solder.

Thanks for the sample pricing info. Yeah I know newer HD tv's are better, I actually have a

Well I guess I can delay my decision for a bit longer, though I think I am on the clock.
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