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I thought you guys might find this of interest - ran across it on Yahoo this morning...

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Toshiba Corp. said on Wednesday it would introduce notebook computers with HD DVD technology in the last quarter of 2005 in a move to pressure rivals in the battle over formats for next-generation DVDs

Toshiba's move comes after Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE - news) (news - web sites). said in September that its next-generation PlayStation console, tentatively called PlayStation 3, would support Blu-ray technology, giving a boost to the competing Blu-ray camp.

Both HD DVD and Blu-ray technologies use blue laser light, which, with a shorter wavelength than the red light used in conventional DVD recorders, can handle data at the higher densities needed for high-definition recordings.

Toshiba, along with NEC Corp. and Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., support HD DVD as the next-generation DVD format.

A global consortium including Sony and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. promotes Blu-ray technology.

Sony's PlayStation 2 (news - web sites) is the world's most popular videogame console, and Toshiba is the world's third-largest notebook computer maker.

The HD DVD-equipped notebook computers will retail for between 200,000 and 300,000 yen ($1,845-$2,770), in line with the current prices of Toshiba's high-end notebook PCs, a spokeswoman for the company said.

Toshiba also plans to launch HD DVD players and recorders in the last quarter of 2005.
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