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toshibia A1 audio out of sync at all times. 2.0 firmware

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A1 toshibia, worked fine sinc november

Just got done watching flags of our fathers. It had a small audio sync issue. I rebooted the player by powering down . Unpluging then pluging back in the disc played fine.

Anyway I tryed playing another movie (matrix) it had a audio issue. The voices came a few Mseconds after the video.

(About a 1/8 second delay)

At first I thought it was the matrix movie but I tryed 4 other discs with the same issue.

I tryed rebooting, deleting the data in persisstent storage.

I just reinstalled 2.0 still the same issue

Regular DVDs have the same issue.

What could be the problom

I've got 2.0 with HDMI to a samsung 30 TV

Is it repair time. I've had the unit since november.

I'm waiting on 2.2 disc will that help

Any advice

Or do I send it in
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Wait for 2.2, but it may not fix the problem.
Ok turns out the audio was a 1/8 of a second ahead of the video.

When I tryed using my amplifeir via 5.1 analog or optical the audio matches. So its a HDMI Issue.

I don't mind using the amplifeir in fact I prefre it. But watching a movie at night while others are sleeping make me what to use the TVs speakers as the voulme is better for night use.

When I play the TV speakers and amplifer I can hear the delay in the TV very weird to say the least..

But can any one think why I'd do this.. Very odd I'm hoping 2.2 fixes it
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I had sync issues with analogue audio out as well on the HD-A1 with firmware 2.0, testing discs such as Batman Begins.

I bought the A1 to see if it would solve the audio sync issues I had with my 360 add-on. Obviously it didn't, so I returned the A1 2 days later.

Fortunately, the audio sync issues have been corrected with the 360 add-on so all is well here now, and I have no need for the problematic A1.

Originally Posted by homerx /forum/post/0


Any advice

Or do I send it in

Your best bet is to find an ethernet connection to the internet and download the most recent firmware. Until you do that, you're not going to know if 2.0 is the culprit or not. Something tells me that if your lip synch problem didn't start until you loaded 2.0, then that's likely to be the problem.

Best of luck and let us know how it turns out.
Try cleaning your discs, had the same problem with Flags of our Fathers rental the other day, cleaned the disc with lens cleaner and played perfectly after.

Originally Posted by homerx /forum/post/0

When I play the TV speakers and amplifer I can hear the delay in the TV very weird to say the least..

this will happen with my TV with all sources....its not an HD thing. I would not suggest playing audio from the TV and the AVR at the same time...it doesn't seem to work well.

tundrSQ is right on delays between a surround system and the TV speakers. That's been brought up many times and the solution has always been use one or the other, but not both at the same time.
Well as far as 2.0 I had it installed in march. Until yesterday the A1 worked great. I reinsstalled 2.0 in hopes of fixing the sync issue.

Now that it atleast works on the amplifer I'm happy. Ill just have to use the night mode on the 5790 for now. Atleast when others are sleeping.

But I ordred the 2.2 disc a week or so ago so it should come any day now.

Downloading isn't a option as I have dial-up which would take 8-10 hours..

I think its just a HDMI issue.

Is their any way to turn off the HDMI audio as I don't really need it at the momment.
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It's not specifically an HDMI problem - it's a TV processing time problem. There's a lag in time when your player has to convert 1080p to 1080i, pass it through the HDMi to your set and then your set has to process it to whatever it's native format is. By the time you see it on the screen, it's a bit late to the audio. Everything is out of sync with my set, even regular DVD's and I use an external audio delay device since my processor doesn't have one (which many of the newer ones do because of this problem). For DVD's I've settled on 104 ms delay for things to look right. For HD-DVD's, because I use analog outs of my HD-XA1, I have to settle for sync issues to use the advanced audio formats. (Well, I could use the DTS recode and delay that if it bothers me too much).

Just turn down the volume of your TV - you don't need to shut off the HDMI to the set.
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It's not just a TV lag time issue. The HD-A1 with firmware 2.0 simply has sync issues with certain discs.

In fact, after the 360 HD DVD update, Microsoft guys specifically state that it is more accurate in terms of sync than any of the Toshibas.

However, I have never tried firmware 2.2 myself, so I don't know if sync issues are significant with 2.2. I just know it's significant on some discs with firmware 2.0, as I have confirmed this myself.
Yeah my amplifer can delay the audio if needed. But so far its in sync with the amplifer.

Ill just use the 5.1 analogs for now..

No TV audio...

Going to watch matrix 2,3 or letters tonight. Man it hard to chose a movie when you buy to much the 22nd killed me
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