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Existing system has various zones run through a Niles Multizone receiver. I am sick of Multicast. Great for cds, but now that i buy music on itunes, it sucks. the new music shows on musicast as unkonwn.

So, I am thinking of pulling the plug on musicast and putting an airport express in its place. Am I correct that this would allow me run iTunes through the NIles in lieu of the musicast? Will the Niles remotes still control volume?

I am thinking that to control the music better I may buy a macbook to access my iMac. Also, I am assuming that I will need an external hardrive to burn all of my cds (about 800) into iTunes.

Will iTunes be the best program to use for organizing stuff and making playlists? I don't need to worry about sending out different songs to different rooms, that is handled by other means on my system.

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