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Total Control Remote Edition original thread here:

Here is a preview of the upcoming features in the Total Control Remote Edition application itself including macro support.

TC Remote Edition Features Coming Soon

the features are:

0:00 – 0:25 = auto start into GUI option. Here you can choose to start right into a gui of a device so after this is done you can basically just start the app and have it start right into a gui of a device all the time if you want. Great for small setups where you always use the same device only or initially.

0:25-0:50 = macro example. name the macro whatever you want and call it from the bitwise unit. the macro is stored directly on the bitwise unit. why do this? 1. instant macro support. the macro is called directly on the unit itself. no need to process it on the app side or send multiple commands, etc. 2. less chance of interference with macro. by doing it this way we just send a single quick command to the bitwise unit. if we had long commands coming from the app then there could be issues with latency, wifi connections, processing commands in order on unit if they receive them out of order, etc. it becomes more efficient this way.

0:51-end = punch through example – map any existing device button to another existing device button. example: you use your cable tv GUI all the time but when you click volume up/down you really want to control the tv or a/v receiver volume buttons without having to go to that device for control. now you will be able to easily select one button and map it to that button from another device.
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