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Totally puzzled by this Mitsubishi WD60C8. Any ideas?

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Hi all,

I recently picked up a used Mitsubishi DLP model WD60C8 from someone local in my area.

Supposedly, it was purchased at Costco last July. It looked pretty clear (not great, but clear)when I picked it up at the sellers house but now when I got it home, its giving me like some type of horizontal reflection on the screen on the sides. Even when its off. The further I am from the set, the better it is, but it makes me dizzy. If I move my head to the right the horizontal line starts to disappear on the left but appears more on the right and vice versa. Very weird.

On top of that, the model is a WD60C8. I measured the screen diagonally probably a dozen times, and its 65". Could it be that the sticker is wrong? I called Mitsubishi and they told me that its impossible.

I wanted to try to order a new front lens for it, but they wouldn't help me because of the sticker issue. I told them I would order it for a WD65C8 and they told me that doesn't exist, even though its on their site!

I spoke with the seller and he is having Costco get him a replacement receipt and I'm going to attempt to deal with them or check on the warranty.

I don't care about the sticker not being accurate, i just want a clean picture. The timer on the TV only has 619 hours.

Anyone ever hear of something like this? Or did I pick up a lemon that has no chance to be helped?

Any info is greatly appreciated.


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Sounds like you picked up an altered tv. The seller may have been blowing hot air about everything he told you about the tv. Sounds like he or someone gets old broken tvs and uses parts to piece them back together and puts whatever sticker he has on the finished frankenstein. If he actually gets you a receipt, I will be most surprised. I think he will tell you they don't have it anymore and he can't help you.
Im hoping he comes through. Seems like an ok person. He actually offered the receipt to me. If he cant find it, he said that Costco enables you to request the receipt and he would get it for me. Lets see what happens.

As far as the model # goes, absolutely nothing appears to have been altered. I thought the same thing as you.

The sticker is perfeclty on, doesnt look like anythign was altered. None of the screws in the back of the unit have any scratches on it as if it were opened.

It shows that it was manufactured in June of 2008 so its not that old and very few hours.

Very odd
Thanks Mes.

My cousin has told me that if I remove just the front lens (outer most plastic) which protects the inner screens, that it would tell me if that's the cause of what I'm seeing.

He said that if I remove it, then turn the tv on, and if it looks clear and sharp, then just a new lens is needed.

Does this hold any truth to it? I'm very handy and comfortable with doing this(though I would have to find out how to first).

Any suggestions?

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Maybe someone else can help on this question. I have Sammys and don't know too much about the Mits. Sammys have two screens which both make up the necessary screen for proper viewing, there are no "protective" screens. So I'm not sure what your cus is talking about but maybe he knows something and is right?
Thanks Mes. Hopefully someone will chime in on how it works.

Also, I spoke to the seller of the set and he told me Costco corporate was closed yesterday so he was not able to get a replacement receipt. He will call them today.

I'm assuming it should work out, he doesn't even have to answer my calls so, Im being optimistic here.

there are no screens to be removed from the front of the TV.

WD65C8 is a valid model. If you measured 65" diagonally from the inside of the bezel edge (not the outer edges of the TV - viewable screen area only), then it is a 65".

If the sticker on the back says WD60C8, then somethings not right.

If the defect you see if also noticable when the TV is OFF, then there is probably nothing wrong with your TV. Unless its scratches or something.

Probably just light being reflected from the mirror.
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Thanks Hip,

Yes, something is for sure not right. I measure the viewable only and its 65". Though in the rear, it shows WD60C8 in two different locations.

I spoke with the seller today and he told me he is waiting on Costco to get him the replacement receipt.

I cant watch this TV, its making me dizzy and on the sides its giving me horizontal bands of reflection and its a bit out of focus.

Can anything be done perhaps with the service menu that I can try?
Chip, Why don't you return the tv to Mr. "I'm waiting for the receipt..." and get your money back.
It is still under warantee if purchased in July 2009. Have the selller get it fixed.

Are the reflections there both during the day and at nite. If not then they are possibly from some other light source in the room?

Is there any distortion of program screen images when watching the TV?
Yea, I already told him if I don't get a receipt either he takes it back or gets it fixed for me.

Walford, The reflections are there even with all the lights off in my basement which is very dark. Oddly, the reflections are even there when the tv is off. I cant figure it out where its coming from. Perhaps from the inside of the set? Almost looks like a "wave" on the right and left side of the screen from top to bottom. When I change my position to the right, it goes away on the left side of the screen but its more apparent on the right and vice versa.

If I get close to the screen and push on it, it changes it a little bit. Almost like the front screen may be warped. But where the reflection is coming from is odd.

Too compare it to something else, its like water mixed with gas or cooking oil i guess. It makes those wavy lines.

On another note, its very bright and the colors are awesome. I had to tone it down to natural.

I don't know... I got it for a great price in my opinion, though perhaps it wasn't worth it. :/

Is there any calibration that needs/can be done via the service menu? I'm new to the projection scene.

Thanks all for your help thus far!

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press MENU 1 2 3

you can reset the TV to factory defaults.

however, im guessing based on your comments that the fresnal lens is not properly seated in the screen frame. service can fix it.
The TV is never off unless it is unplugged. The "off" setting just puts it in standby and turns off the Bulb. However there should be no internal lights when in standbby.

It does appear that during the move between lopcations that the light engine/lens assembly got out of line.

The question of 65" actual viaual screen dagional measurment and 60" model number labels still needs to be resolved.
Yes, the 60" light engine in a 65" body could explain the side waves. I believe that each engine is optomized for a particular screen size. And if your seller put a 60" tv's insides into a 65" screen casing, the sides would be negatively affected.

The mystery deepens!
Thanks for all the replies! Ill try the menu 123 tonight when I get home. Is that the same as hitting the reset on the actual TV itself? (Which i tried).

Good point on unplugging the unit. Though it shouldn't make a difference, Ill unplug it from the wall tonight and take a look.

Also, just to make it clear, the picture is full. Its not missing on the sides. I can see through the reflection with the wavy lines, but its slightly darker. The other thing is that its real sensitive to getting really dark on the sides. I know many projections are like this. For example, if I move about 3 ft off to the side of the set and sit about 7 foot away, its almost completely dark. Unwatchable. Not sure if this is normal or not. The best I can get is if Im directly in front of it at about 12 feet or so but then the wavy lines are on both sides.

I thought about it over and over and just cant come up with a scenario where the seller himself would put an incorrect sticker on the TV. If it came correct from the manufacturer, then why change it?

It appears to be a professional label, perfectly affixed. You would never think something is wrong. Its labeled this model # on two different spots on the rear of the set. If I recall, one is a larger label with more info and then, again, if I remember correctly, there is another label towards the bottom which is white and has the same model # with the serial #.

Unless there are counterfeit TVs? That would be a first for me.

Just odd.

Haven t heard from the seller today. Will give it some more time.

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Hi all,

Here are some pictures of what I'm seeing. Its way worse on the pictures than in person: (took pictures with my phone, not the greatest) My house is a mess as well

Picture looking at it about 9ft or so:

Looking at it from a right angle:

Left angle (notice how the "wavy" lines move):

Sticker on back and I just remeasured it at 65":
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Do you think the sticker could have been removed from another set and applied to your set?

What are the measurments of the height and the width of the cabinet?
I guess anything is possible, but it doesn't look as if it was. Even the little white sticker at the bottom has the model #.

The question would still remain as to why would someone put the wrong sticker on it if it had the correct one on it? Odd.....

The dimensions that I took with my ruler are 58"W x 38"H x 15"D.

The seller called me last night and told me that hes still waiting on Costco. I think Im going to call him and just tell him I want my money back. I don't have time for this.
I found the following Spec sheet for the C8 models and I don't understand the measurements shown with the ones you have on your unit.

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