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Totem Tribe Speakers with Pioneer VSX-32 - dumb chioce?

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Hey guys, I'm setting up a "non-dedicated" Home Theater Room. It's a rather large Rec Room (15'x30' or so) with lots of windows and good blinds. I'm putting up a 120" screen with a front projector. I've listened to a Totem Tribe III and II surround setup and no matter what else I listen to in the same price bracket (4-5K) I keep flavoring the Totems. So I think I'm set on the speakers. The dilemma I have is in picking a Receiver. Ive listened to a Pioneer Elite VSX-32 with different speakers and I quite like it for the price. Unfortunately the dealer that sells the Totems doesn't sell the Pioneer so I couldn't listen to them together. That being said they had an inferior (I think) Denon driving the Totems and they still sounded awesome. I think most people using Totem speaker would go higher-end on the receiver but I seem to always upgrade receivers in 1-2 years for new features and I hate to spend a fortune and throw it away in 2 years. Most of my listening is movies and sometimes the odd concert DVD.

It would be ideal if someone had this setup to get an opinion but that's quite unlikely. Best i can hope for is some advise on pairing these up. Am I "wasting" these speakers with the Pio or do you think they'll manage to shine. I don't think the Pio is a bad amp it's just that I've been reading about a lot of setups with Totems and Higher End amps.

A future option is to add an actual amp on the Pio's pre-outs but not just yet. See I don't mind investing in speakers as I keep them for a long time.

Oh, and I haven't picked a sub yet but I was considering the Velodyne Optimum series (maybe the 10") or Def-tec Super Cube.

Hope someone can comment. Am I making sense or should I just splurge and get a 2k amp that will be obsolete in 2 years.
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I cannot really comment on the Totem's, but if you are considering the Pioneer VSX-32, an option is the Pioneer VSX-1120. The 1120 is virtually the same as the 32, minus the amber display, 12v trigger, 2nd year warranty, and Elite stick-on.

really good pricing at newegg.com (but buy a SquareTrade warranty since newegg is not an authorized Pioneer dealer), 6ave.com or jr.com (call them for any special pricing) The 1120 has been running under $500 on many of the sales.
I guess that's an expensive Elite logo. Sounds like I should be going with the 1120 instead.

all depends on your listening levels, etc.

try it... if it clips, add 3 channel amp...

no, you aren't "wasting" the speakers....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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