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Transcode 360

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I can't find anywhere what the resolutions number stand for. I'm looking for what the dvd numbers are and the 1080i numbers are can anyone tell me what they are? I finally got this working today and would really like to up the res a bit. Also when I try and change settings then I save it won't let me save it as a .config file.
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The advanced tab has these settings. Resolution Threshold and average/maximum bitrate setting will give you better results.

I use 345600 for resolution threshold, this means my pc is transcoding to 720x480 maximum

You can bump this up to 921600 for 1280x720 but you need a dual core or very fast cpu.
How would I save those settings.
You change the settings within the app on your pc. I'm not sure if you can save settings, they might get reset to the default when you restart transcode360 or your pc.

-I rarely turn off my pc or transcode 360
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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