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Hey everyone. I got some great advice on speakers and subs here so I'm loving how my new system is coming together. THanks again.

My old HTIB is rated at 4ohm 120watts RMS / channel (maybe, maybe not?) and I dunno if I can really get any resell value considering I got it new for $140, the coax digital input is shot, and the remote is long gone. If I could get $50 it would be worth it prolly, we'll see.

So my question is, if I use the sub preout on my new AVR to connect to the old receiver that does not have preouts, what will happen?

Will I be limited to driving the old non-powered sub over that system, and will it introduce distortion (of the old rec)?

I'm seriously looking into some bass shakers. Can I run these over one of the other inputs (center ie) or will a crossover / filter internal to the amp render this idea unuseable?

I've got new L and R speakers which will eventually become rears. I'm not sure I've got the money I would like to shell out for a sub, so will transducers give me that lil extra oomph Im looking for for the time being or should I just keep saving?

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