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Hi there, I found a bunch of old 8mm tapes (Hi8, digital8...) in my dad's garage and want to digitize them. I've tried it now two ways:

1. Using the miniDV-to-1394 out into a PCE card I installed into my Windows 10 machine, captured with Corel VideoStudio Pro
2. Using S-Video analogue out into an Elgato USB into my Windows 10 machine, captured (lossless) with VirtualDub

My observations so far are that the second method (VirtualDub, S-Video) is far superior in color integrity - however, it seems the overall quality isn't as good as there are scan lines throughout... or, is that more "accurate" and the miniDV is blurring it at lower quality? Also, the file sizes are ridiculous (nearly 90 Gigabytes for a 2-hour tape).

Anything I'm doing wrong, or what is generally accepted as the best practice here? Is one better for Hi8, and one preferred for digital8?

Thank you!

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