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> Transparent future? <

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I came a across some very interesting technologies which I would like to share with you guys.

I'm sure you've all seen POLED and TOLED on the net but for those who haven't click here and here . If you'd like, click here and here to see a small glance into the future

In order to make TOLED and FOLED truly transparent, you would need transparent battery cell and circuitry. Well they are currently under development believe it or not. Scientists have actually produced prototypes of fully working transparent electronic circuitry and energy cell that can hold more energy then current Lithium Ion.

Virus-Assembled Batteries:

More than half the weight and size of today's batteries comes from supporting materials that contribute nothing to storing energy. Now researchers have demonstrated that genetically engineered viruses can assemble active battery materials into a compact, regular structure, to make an ultra-thin, transparent battery electrode that stores nearly three times as much energy as those in today's lithium-ion batteries. It is the first step toward high-capacity, self-assembling batteries.


Transparent circuit:

OSU professor of electrical engineering John Wager holds a transparent circuit .
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Maybe I missed something.....but how would you make a circuit transparent? Are we talking like full nano-sized components that just aren't visible ?
maybe cos we are significantly makeing progress in Nanotech.

You can find some info here

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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