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My parents drove to the States from Canada to pick up a 65" Plasma and some other goods.

None of us knew at the time of their departure that Plasma's should not be laid horizontally flat.

The TV in question is a 65" Panasonic VT60 with the following dimensions:

Dimensions (H x W x D) - with stand 38.4" x 60.3" x 12.8"

Dimensions (H x W x D) - without stand 35" x 60.3" x 2"

Dimensions (H x W x D) - Shipping 40.5" x 75.8" x 14.1"

Weight - Shipping 136.7 lbs.

Here are the car dimensions in mm:

If you look at the diagram, it is 850mm / 33.6" from floorboard to head-liner. So, not enough room to place vertically [needs 35" - outside of box].

There is no tow-hook on the car, so they won't be able to rent a trailer.

So, the available options [that I can see] are :

-Take the risk and lay it horizontally

-Lay it diagonally

-Rent a cargo van

-Drive back with their pick-up truck several months from now when they return for more business *probably the most likely to occur option, but it would be nice to grab it while they are there.

The trip home will take 13 hours - from Utah to Alberta

Any other options/choices you can think of?

What would you do? Just pick it up several months down the line when a truck is available?

Thanks for the help,


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I don't think I would have it sitting horizontally or diagonally in a car over such a long distance. Any bump would cause bending and bowing of the tv and I would worry about the glass breaking or cracking. I would wait until you can get a bigger vehicle to stand it vertically in it's box. Plus you wouldn't put your parents through the stress of worrying about the tv for 1100 miles.
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