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Transporting RPTV on its side?

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Hey all, I'll be moving shortly.

The entrance doorway is past a low-sitting wall, so I'd have to put the TV on its side in order to fit it through. Question is though, is it safe to transport a RPTV (the model in question is a Toshiba 51H84) on its side?
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Tipping the TV on its side to get it through a doorway is one thing, and as long as you don't bounce it around, you should be fine. However "transporting" the TV on its side is not advisable. RPTVs have been stripped of much of their metal support structure to keep the sets light. So, if you put stress on the TV that is not in the direction it was designed to stress (i.e., on its side rather than sitting up straight), you are asking for trouble. I am certainly NOT a moving expert but I don't advise it.
Define safe...

The only issue you need to be concerned about is if you will break the mirror.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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